What To Look For in a Memory Care Community in Annapolis, MD

At Ginger Cove, we know from firsthand experience what it’s like when your realize someone you know needs extra memory care support.

If you’re looking for a memory care community for a family member, you’re not alone. In fact, memory care is one of the fastest-growing segments of the senior housing market, providing those in need with more structure and support to help with daily living.

As the U.S. population ages, we expect that need to grow as more seniors live with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and related conditions that require a level of support that can overwhelm family caregivers.

Ginger Cove took a step to addressing that need this year when we opened The Heritage at Ginger Cove, a 67,100-square-foot building on our safe and secure 30-acre waterfront campus in Annapolis, MD. The Heritage is a state-of-the-art pavilion offering private deluxe apartments in a dedicated space focused on offering highly-skilled assisted living and memory care services to members of our community.

Benefits to look for in an Annapolis Memory Care Community

1. What is the Philosophy of care?
2. Practice Techniques — How do they train their memory care team members?
3. How many residents is each caregiver responsible for?
4. Do caregivers have experience and tenure?
5. How does the staff get to know a resident’s unique life story?
6. Are Independence and self-esteem nurtured?
7. Is there a thoughtfully designed structure to the day?
8. What life enrichment activities are offered?

What is the Philosophy of care?

Ginger Cove provides a holistic and multi-layered approach to supporting residents’ memory care needs to maximize independence. We work hand-in-hand with residents’ families to provide a level of memory care support that goes beyond what’s offered at many traditional assisted living facilities.

Ginger Cove believes in offering residents a dignified quality of life that stimulates memory, preserves cognition, maximizes independence and provides a relaxing and calm home where they experience the joy of life.

Practice Techniques — How do they train their memory care team members?

Memory care is very specialized and requires a well-trained staff.

Ginger Cove’s skilled memory care team undergoes constant training to provide this important level of care to residents with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and related conditions. That ensures our staff is highly-qualified to fulfill its mission of providing top-notch individualized empathetic care.

Do caregivers have experience and tenure?

It’s extremely important to find a memory community where the caregivers are experts in providing this specialized care.

The caregivers at Ginger Cove are credentialed, specially-trained, and dedicated to caring for the residents at The Heritage. Unique to Ginger Cove our residents have access to an onsite nurse 24-hours each day.

How does the staff get to know a resident’s unique life story?

At Ginger Cove, we believe one of the best ways to get to know each resident is to maintain low staff-to-resident ratios.

That offers caregivers the time they need to not only learn a resident’s unique life experiences, but also how to help members of our memory care community maintain a sense of purpose and success.

Are Independence and self-esteem nurtured?

A key guiding principle to our approach to memory care is engaging with residents to boost self-esteem, nurture independence and preserve a sense of identity.

Ginger Cove offers a resident-centered memory care practice that’s less focused on impairment and more focused on their abilities. With feedback from friends and family, we provide residents with individualized care. The home-like environment we foster at The Heritage also supports and encourages the independence of memory care residents.

Is there a thoughtfully designed structure to the day?

Each memory care resident’s day at Ginger Cove, from the meals they eat to the activities they engage in, comes with a singular focus on enhancing each resident’s capabilities.

The Heritage offers Legacy, an evidence-based program designed to encourage cognitive function and social engagement. We work with residents to stimulate memories to provide each resident’s life with joy and meaning.

What life enrichment activities are offered?

The Heritage offers gourmet dining, opportunities to engage with friends and family as well as ample space for personalized programming activities.

The Heritage has a large activities room with comfortable seating and a fireplace. There’s a large winter garden used year-round as well as a media room with touch-screen monitors allowing residents to access movies, games, songs, books, exercise programs, and even flight simulations.

Call us today at 410-514-3055 and let us answer any questions you have.

If you want to learn more about The Heritage, please give us a call. You can also submit your contact information at the bottom of our memory care web page, so you can download “A Heritage of Excellence,” our guide on how to find a premier memory care community.


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