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Meet the Ginger Cove

Leadership Team

Ray Fisher

Chief Executive Officer

Ray Fisher is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ginger Cove, bringing a formidable background with over 20 years of experience in senior living services. His expertise extends to overseeing campus expansions and repositioning projects totaling over $450 million.


Mary Beth Holly

Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Ginger Cove, Mary Beth brings a wealth of experience to this position, earned from a diverse career. She has a rich background working across various sectors, including private industry, the federal government, and higher education.


Phyllis Johns Boulden

Licensed Nursing Home Administrator/Chief Operating Officer

Phyllis has been a dedicated member of the Ginger Cove team for over three decades, currently serving as the Licensed Nursing Home Administrator (LNHA) and Chief Operating Officer (COO). She holds a master’s in healthcare administration from the College of Notre Dame.


Patty Kerrigan

Director of Human Resources

Patty Kerrigan is the Director of Human Resources (HR) who brings over 20 years of specialized experience within the senior living and long-term care sectors. With a passion for cultivating a positive workplace environment and fostering professional growth, Patty ensures Ginger Cove will continue to thrive through its most valuable asset – its people.


Maseray Bayoh

Director of Nursing

Maseray serves as the Director of Nursing at Ginger Cove, bringing 15 years of experience in long-term care to her leadership role. Equipped with a master’s degree in nursing and four years as a Nurse Practitioner, she is the Clinical Nurse Supervisor of the Continuing Care Retirement Community.


John Beyer

Director of Social Work and Wellness

John has worked in the field of aging and wellness since 1989. With a background that combines extensive experience and compassionate service, he has dedicated his career to ensuring that older adults receive the support and care they deserve.

As the Director of Social Work and Wellness at Ginger Cove, he leads a team of dedicated professionals who provide residents comprehensive psychosocial, emotional and spiritual support.


Richard Creek

Director Of Environmental Services

Richard is the Director of Environmental Services at Ginger Cove, boasting more than a two-decade tenure with the organization. Starting as a houseman for four hours a day, his dedication and hard work propelled him through the ranks to full-time status, supervisor, and now director.


Sherry Gilde

Director of Sales & Marketing

The Director of Sales and Marketing at Ginger Cove, Sherry brings an extensive 30-year career in senior living to her role. She began her journey as a receptionist in an assisted living community and, through dedication and passion, rose to the role of Director of Marketing. Sherry’s profound commitment to Alzheimer’s and dementia care led her to specialize in this field for 18 years until the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic prompted a change in her path. She then found Ginger Cove.


Nancy Laur Chalkley

Director of Resident Services

Nancy brings a wealth of experience to her role as Director of Resident Services at Ginger Cove, having joined after a 22-year tenure at an independent school and previous part-time work in Wellness and Activities at Ginger Cove itself. She holds a master’s from Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.

In her current role, Nancy oversees a team dedicated to enriching the lives of Ginger Cove independent living residents.


Jason Petrillo

Director of Facilities

Jason is the Director of Facilities, bringing 12 years of dedicated experience in the senior living industry to his current role. He oversees all building operations and maintenance of over 33 acres that Ginger Cove resides on.

Jason leads a team of 10 technicians and engineers who ensure that residents’ needs are addressed promptly and professionally, as well as 24/7 security.


Larry Snowberger

Director Of Culinary Services

Larry’s nearly four-decade tenure in the hospitality industry, focusing on senior living for the last 28 years, showcases his diverse experience and steadfast dedication. His career has spanned various roles, including Dining Director, Regional Director of Operations, Regional Chef, and Regional Culinary Operations Trainer, as well as foundational positions like cook and dishwasher. This breadth of experience underpins his belief in the importance of every role in achieving Ginger Cove’s high service standards.


Hannah Gourley

Move-In Coordinator

After graduating from Randolph-Macon College, Hannah entered her role as Move-In Coordinator. She is the guiding hand for new residents, making their transition into the community seamless and a truly personalized experience.

She expertly assists new residents in tailoring their private spaces to their unique tastes.


Marty Sadler

Assisted Living Manager

Marty oversees the assisted living buildings at Ginger Cove, including The Haven and The Heritage. Marty’s unwavering commitment extends beyond management; she serves as a compassionate advocate for residents and their families during the transition to a higher level of care. By fostering strong partnerships with residents, family members, and the clinical team, Marty ensures that The Haven and The Heritage consistently deliver the highest quality of care.


Board of Directors

Ginger Cove is owned and operated by Annapolis Life Care, Inc., a not-for-profit organization, with its own elected, volunteer Board of Directors, four of whom are residents. Directors serve without compensation for the good of the community, and neither they nor any person involved in the management of Ginger Cove has any proprietary interest in the community. The Board currently consists of 15 directors whose expertise lies in such areas as senior housing, real estate, law, banking, financial services, healthcare, and management.

Annapolis Life Care, Inc. Board of Directors

RADM. Daniel R. Bowler, USN(Ret.), President
Margaret M. Jackson, CFP, AWM, Vice President
Susan Ward, Treasurer
Frances Hall, Secretary
ADM. William O., Studeman, USN(Ret.), Director Emeritus
Peter W. Odenwald, MHA, FACMPE
James Barnett
Karen Coffman
Jack Evans
Robert W. Sherer, Chair, Governance and Directors Committee
Julie M. Rhodovi, MBA, CWCA, LBBH
Larry Shubnell
Racine Williams, MA CCHW

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