A dining experience.

There’s more to dining than really good food. It’s a beautiful setting that fits your mood at the moment. It’s connection with people around you. It’s impeccable service and attention to detail. It’s fresh flavor and changing menus. It’s all the facets that come together to create an incredible experience that you’ll savor well after the meal is done. It’s what you’ll find at Ginger Cove.

The dining experience at Ginger Cove is a reflection of the fresh ingredients found around Annapolis and the Chesapeake Bay. It’s an extension of the many travels and experiences of residents; each resident has a voice in what goes on the menu through the Dining Services Committee. It’s an expression of the artistry and culinary expertise of the chef and culinary team, showcasing their remarkable aptitude for not only embracing feedback but also transforming it into delectable cuisine.

Bugeye Bar

Just beyond the sitting area by the lobby is the spacious Bugeye Bar and its views of the grounds and Gingerville Creek. This is the place to be for happy hours, grabbing a drink and snack after a day at the museum or on the water, and catching up with neighbors and friends.

Skipjack Dining Room

At Ginger Cove, fantastic food is always close and convenient. Looking for a relaxed spot for a casual bite? Stop into the Skipjack Dining Room. With an always-fresh, rotating menu of sandwiches, standards and specials, this is a popular dining venue among residents. It’s a perfect choice for when you don’t feel like cooking or just want to enjoy good food and good company.

Chesapeake Dining Room

Next to the Bugeye Bar, the elegant and comfortable Chesapeake Dining Room offers great views and a spacious layout. The Chesapeake Dining Room is a venue to have dinner with friends. The extensive and diverse menu is inspired by residents, created with locally sourced ingredients, and made fresh to order at every meal.

Dining at Ginger Cove is truly exceptional. The variety of menus and different choices of places to eat, the quality of the food, and warmth of the dining team make every meal a delightful experience.


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