How Ginger Cove Promotes an Active Retirement

When you enter retirement, how you spend your time is all focused on doing what you want. You can pursue hobbies or interests that you didn’t have time for, or explore places where you’ve never been.

This is a time to enjoy – so while the responsibility of a full-time job is gone, it doesn’t mean you have to slow down. In fact, staying active in your retirement can be extremely beneficial to your health.

Regular physical activity helps older adults prevent health issues from developing or progressing. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends:

  • 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity per week
  • At least two days a week of muscle-strengthening activities
  • Balance activities each week

At Ginger Cove, we understand how important it is to stay active, and we know senior living communities like ours help older adults achieve this goal. As a Continuing Care Retirement Community, we’re focused on helping residents maintain their independence and providing the best quality of life possible.

Ginger Cove promotes an active retirement through our activities programming, amenities, and multiple social opportunities for residents.

What Activities Does Ginger Cove Offer?

There’s always something fun to do at Ginger Cove. All you have to do is pick out which activities interest you. You can choose from a variety of activities that keep you involved in an engaged lifestyle:

  • Fitness classes
  • Easy Striders walking group
  • Birthday socials
  • Community committees
  • Happy hours
  • Weekly live music
  • Theater group
  • Poetry group
  • Distinguished lecture series
  • Croquet
  • Line dancing
  • Craft groups
  • Card games
  • Mah jongg
  • Movie nights
  • Fellowship
  • Trips to nearby museums and performances

All these activities nurture your mind, body or spirituality, which benefits your overall wellness. One resident said, “The Functional Fitness class is so helpful! Just working on simple movements and doing them the right way has really helped my back, and my knee pain is almost gone!”

When you participate in these activities, you’re also taking advantage of great opportunities to be social and make new friends – other contributing factors to a healthy and active lifestyle.

“Ginger Cove has a resort-style indoor pool that offers lap swimming, water aerobics classes, a whirlpool, and men’s and women’s dry saunas. From improving independence in activities of daily living to achieving optimal physical health to pursue sport and exercise, there is truly something for everyone,” says Nancy Chalkley, Director of Resident Services.

Look at a sample calendar of activities for an idea of what a typical month looks like for Ginger Cove residents.

Summer Fun at Ginger Cove

We’re looking forward to summer and all it brings – warm weather, sunshine, and spending time outdoors. One way we’re celebrating this time of year is with our Summer Concert Series.

In June, residents can enjoy the music of Shenandoah Run, an ensemble band of eight talented musicians who play both traditional and contemporary folk music.

July will start with a visit from the King of Rock ’n’ Roll – an Elvis impersonator will kick off Fourth of July weekend celebrations.

Ginger Cove is approaching our 35th Anniversary this August, which is sure to be an exciting celebration.

How Can Ginger Cove Help You Stay Active?

Ginger Cove offers different levels of care to help meet the different needs of residents. We provide quality medical care so residents can continue to participate in the activities they love.

Wellness 360 at Ginger Cove is our signature program designed to create a culture that prioritizes health. Residents enjoy our state-of-the-art wellness center where they can take a comprehensive approach to their well-being. We understand that an active lifestyle is more than taking a walk every day. It’s about feeling excited to start your day, looking forward to your upcoming activities that week, and feeling like you’re spending your time doing things you enjoy.

“Ginger Cove boasts a state-of-the-art fitness studio with a variety of equipment carefully selected with a wide range of ability levels and mobility challenges in mind. From a fully accessible hand- and foot-cycle ergometer to treadmills and traditional recumbent bikes, residents are able to exercise with confidence and safety,” said Chalkley.

“I really enjoy water aerobics! It’s energizing, and the instructor really engages everyone,” a resident said.

We approach health from multiple perspectives to help our residents stay active and truly engaged in their lives at Ginger Cove:

1. Physical

In addition to activities and fitness classes, we also provide nutritious meals that keep you energized and healthy. The dining options range from casual to fine dining, and all meals use fresh ingredients as the chef creates inspired dishes.

Ginger Cove residents can focus on fitness with the help of a personal trainer. One of our residents said, “Having access to one-on-one personal training has been a huge advantage! Understanding how to use the weight and cardio machines makes it less intimidating, and I know I can work out with confidence. Knowing there is someone here who can show me the right way to do each exercise gives me confidence.”

“I feel myself getting stronger, and I definitely have more energy than I did before,” another resident added.

2. Intellectual

Residents can keep their minds sharp through reading books from our library, writing for our newsletter or magazine, learning new things in a class, and more.

3. Social

We offer multiple clubs, activities and programs for residents to engage with others and enjoy a thriving social life.

4. Emotional

Whether you’re catching up with friends or speaking with our licensed social workers, Ginger Cove provides multiple opportunities to foster positive emotional health habits.

5. Spiritual

We offer interdenominational services so all residents feel welcome to practice their faith and connect to their spirituality. But we understand others connect to their spirituality in other ways. Being mindful through meditation, appreciating the earth while gardening, or taking the time to journal in a quiet spot are other ways for residents to strengthen their spiritual health.

6. Vocational

Finding a sense of purpose and helping others is fulfilling and rewarding. Ginger Cove offers volunteer opportunities through committees, mentor positions, or sharing your knowledge and skills with others.

7. Environmental

Taking an active role in helping the environment leaves a better Earth for the future. Residents can help with planting in the garden, building and placing bird houses around campus, and making the conscious choice to recycle whenever possible.

Enjoy an Active Retirement at Ginger Cove

Ginger Cove provides peace of mind to residents as a Life-Care Community. With multiple levels of care, including independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, and memory care, residents know everything they need is right here. As their needs change, they have access to the different healthcare and living options we provide.

Call to schedule a tour and learn more about the Ginger Cove lifestyle.


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