Ginger Cove Celebrates 35 Years

Ginger Cove is proud to celebrate our 35th Anniversary of providing a welcoming community, high-quality care, and an engaging and dynamic lifestyle for residents. For years, we’ve fostered an environment where residents feel at home from the start. The culture of wellness at Ginger Cove has made residents healthy, happy and they view their retirement as a chapter full of new opportunities. There’s always something to see or do when you live at Ginger Cove.

“[Celebrating 35 years means] that we are successful at what we are doing,” says Diana Smith, Special Events Coordinator. “That the vision of our founding families is still applicable today. Our mission is still true today.”

Resident Favorite Things About Ginger Cove

Ginger Cove has a welcoming culture and community because of the residents. They bring friendliness and understanding in every way possible to make this a place where all feel included and engaged. We asked them some questions about their favorite things about Ginger Cove.

When asked to describe Ginger Cove in three words, here is what our residents had to say:

“Comforting, safe, fun.” – Susan Roberts

“With much love.” – Betsy Dobbs

“Stimulating, comfortable, helpful.” – Grace Stark

“Community, caring, safety.” – MaryKay Honeycutt

“Quality of life.” – Larry Shubnell

“Community, caring, stimulating.” – Martha Wooldridge

“Friendly, opportunities, rewarding.” – Dick Donnelly

Here, residents know that socialization and friendships are right around the corner. They said their favorite part of living at Ginger Cove is interacting with everyone on a daily basis and how interesting it is to get to know fellow residents.

Dick Donnelly said his peers are friendly and family-like and added that the staff is creative and outstanding. Martha Wooldridge enjoys knowing that there’s something to do and can enjoy life here with friends.

With an environment of kindness and compassion, residents and staff work together to truly be a part of a community.

Betsy Dobbs’ favorite part of living at Ginger Cove? She stated it as succinctly as possible. “All.”

Best Memories at Ginger Cove

Residents at Ginger Cove recounted their favorite memories in the community. Susan Roberts shared that her favorite memories include watching residents of all ages go above and beyond, whether it is in an exercise class, the gardens, line dancing, or riding the Trishaw.

One of Betsy Dobbs’ cherished memories is her husband Charlie laughing in Memory Care, while Grace Stark enjoys the “pleasant companions at dinner time each evening.” MaryKay Honeycutt loved attending her first Christmas Gala at the community.

Martha Wooldridge, who has lived at Ginger Cove for 16 years, shared how the community helped her go through a time of grief after losing two husbands and two children. “This community means the world to me. I do not know how I would have managed had I been alone in our big house or living inside of the walls of a condo. So one of my favorite memories is the care and hugs given by residents and staff when I have had a rough patch.”

She added that she enjoys the opportunity to explore new things in the community. “I now call myself a writer as I have done so much writing since I have been here. So [there is an] opportunity to develop an interest,” she said.

Diana’s favorite memory is a Christmas Eve celebration that welcomed all residents who wanted to attend. “The Christmas Eve champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries in front of the fireplace. So many grateful residents who had no plans for Christmas Eve.”

Marty Sadler, Lead Concierge at Ginger Cove couldn’t choose just one favorite memory but found one common factor in all of them. “So many [favorite memories] – but the kindness and love expressed by so many of the residents and staff.”

Additionally, Ginger Cove has an impressive history of bringing top performers to entertain at the community, many of which have also performed at The White House, the Naval Academy, and even the Vatican. When asked about their favorite past performers, the list included Good Shot Judy, a lively big band; baritone Jose Sacin; Shenandoah Run, a bluegrass group; Seth Kibel, a multi-talented musician who plays clarinet, sax and flute; and Elvis impersonator Johnny Keaton.

Ginger Cove residents at a wine and cheese night

What Do Residents Look Forward to at Ginger Cove?

With all kinds of fun activities, events, and spaces to enjoy at Ginger Cove, residents have endless options for staying active and engaged. Grace Stark looks forward to using the art space. “I am grateful for the art space and the opportunities to pursue my art interests on trips,” she said.

MaryKay Honeycutt looks forward to seeing friends and exercising. “And being a part of our community each day,” she added.

While Larry Shubnell looks forward to the social aspect of living at Ginger Cove along with the activities and programs, he also looks forward to the unexpected. “It always happens, surprisingly!” he said.

Dick Donnelly answered, “The outstanding ability of staff and residents to help others and to continue to make sound decisions for the future.” He also wanted others to know, “It’s real. It has flexible, adaptable, and creative staff and residents.”

An Active Community Where You Can Flourish

At Ginger Cove, you can curate the life of your dreams. With access to amenities like the aquatics center, fitness center, and exercise classes, staying active and healthy has never been easier. But Ginger Cove’s location also provides endless potential to lead an active lifestyle.

You can take in the beautiful natural surroundings of Annapolis, Maryland on the 30-acre campus that contains multiple walking paths, a meditation garden, and a private dock. You also have the option to participate in outdoor activities like golfing on the putting green or playing croquet.

Larry Shubnell described the community as “Worry-free living. Everything at your fingertips.”

MaryKay Honeycutt encouraged others to join the community. “Don’t wait too long! Come while you can take advantage of all the activities that Ginger Cove offers.”

You can take advantage of all the opportunities to join clubs and groups within the community. From game rooms to art rooms and social activities, there’s always something new to try at Ginger Cove. One of the most popular groups is the Woodworking Shop, where residents learn carpentry skills to create unique pieces. Whether you’re a professional carpenter or an interested beginner, there’s a place for you in the woodshop.

Martha Wooldridge said, “I think people should know this is a caring community with multiple opportunities, the chance to learn new things, develop talents, widen friendships, and keep fit on a beautiful campus where I can sit by the water on a summer’s day and read a good book from our excellent library.”

“We are all safe here,” said Susan Roberts. “It is our home, and we have a huge sense of community.” In addition to the community’s safety, Grace Stark said, “An important factor is that our children don’t have to worry about us anymore.”

Ginger Cover residents in the library

Envision Your Future at Ginger Cove

“Ginger Cove’s philosophy of providing a vibrant lifestyle for residents in all our community care levels is central to our mission. Over 35 years, we have expanded our programming in every area and have partners that have worked with our residents for decades. That shows the quality of programming meeting needs in mind, body, and spirit and commitment to our community,” said Ray Fisher, Chief Executive Officer at Ginger Cove.

There is so much for you to enjoy at Ginger Cove in Annapolis, Maryland. Make Ginger Cove part of your story – schedule a tour today.


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