Annapolis, MD, Has 8 Things To Offer Retirees in an Independent Living Community

At Ginger Cove, we know that the best kind of independent living involves many ways to thrive. From the great outdoors to the coziness of home, Ginger Cove has so many ways to help make each day an exciting adventure.

8 Things Ginger Cove offers retirees at our Independent Living Community

  1. Exceptional Dining
  2. An Array of Amenities
  3. Nature and Adventure
  4. The Excitement of the City
  5. Hobbies and Activities
  6. Welcoming and warm floorplans
  7. Comfort and Security
  8. Making Wellness a Priority

Exceptional Dining

The dining at Ginger Cove is unlike any other senior living community in Annapolis. From the freshest local food to tastes from around the world, each meal at Ginger Cove offers something to celebrate. With multiple dining locations at Ginger Cove, you’ll be able to choose a dish to fit your mood, whether that’s a casual snack or sit-down meal.

An Array of Amenities

At Ginger Cove, our amenities are designed with your enjoyment in mind. We offer valet travel to Annapolis, a four-lap pool, fitness center, art and activity classes, and so much more. Residents enjoy our fully-stocked library, movie nights, and croquet court—there truly is something for everyone. You’ll never have to struggle to come up with a plan for the day when the world is at your fingertips.

Nature and Adventure

Just outside Ginger Cove’s door, the beautiful natural world awaits you. With private gardens, walking paths, and a private dock, you’ll truly feel like you live at a resort with all that Ginger Cove has to offer. Alongside the amazing natural beauty of the Annapolis and Chesapeake Bay Area, you’ll spend every moment surrounded by picturesque landscapes.

The Excitement of the City

Annapolis, Maryland is filled with exciting activities for every style and interest. From luxury shopping to historical sites and museums, you can truly seize the day and enjoy everything that Annapolis has to offer. When friends and family visit, you’ll easily be able to play host and tour guide—there is something for every age.

Hobbies and Activities

At Ginger Cove, we know that the fun is just beginning for many retirees. Whether you’re excited to have newfound time to devote to a lifelong hobby or are interested in diving into a totally new activity, there is something for everyone. Gardening, fishing, reading…those are just the tip of the iceberg of what Ginger Cove has to offer.

Welcoming and warm floorplans

There is an apartment to suit every taste and style here at Ginger Cove. With floor plans designed for your comfort and enjoyment in mind, the apartments at Ginger Cove take the hassle out of home maintenance with all of your service needs taken care of—never worry about a leaky faucet or a heating bill again. With a variety of floor, color, and cabinet options to choose from, each apartment at Ginger Cove can truly reflect your style, whatever that may be.

Comfort and Security

There is so much to enjoy about independent living at Ginger Cove, and one of those things is peace of mind. 24-hour security and emergency response systems keep aid just minutes away. Rest easy that if you ever decide that you need a higher level of care, the assisted living and memory care communities at Ginger Cove are there to support you and make any transitions smooth and easy ones.

Making Wellness a Priority

Wellness is more than just physical health. At Ginger Cove, we know that wellness is a holistic endeavor, and so we focus on how wellness affects our whole lives: spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and so much more. Wellness isn’t a single goal or a set destination, but a lifelong journey and experience. At Ginger Cove, we value the whole person and know that wellness looks different for everyone, and we are here to support each different path.

If you dream of a sun-filled home with state-of-the-art appliances, but without the headache of maintenance and care, then the apartments at Ginger Care may be your dream come true. Call 410-266-7300 and schedule a tour with us today!

Learn more about Ginger Cove and what it has to offer you by downloading The Right Decisions Start with the Right Information brochure.


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