The Havens – Maintaining Your Lifestyle in Annapolis, MD

6 Ways to Maintain your lifestyle in an Annapolis, Maryland Assisted Living Community

  1. Enjoy an active calendar of activities
  2. Stimulate your mind
  3. Eat healthily
  4. Practice self-care
  5. Prioritize rest and relaxation
  6. Keep socially engaged

Enjoy an active calendar of activities

One of the best ways to maintain your lifestyle after the move to an assisted living community is to make sure you’re not straying away from the activities you have always loved and enjoyed. If that’s fishing, painting, or trips to museums and historical sites, these activities are what make life special and unique, and there is no shortage of opportunities at Ginger Cove. 

Stimulate your mind

In addition to physical activities, your brain deserves regular workouts too! This may look different for every person depending on their interests. Some may enjoy exploring new books, while others like to keep sharp with games or hobbies that spark joy. Even something as simple as trying a pastime that you’ve never done before can get your mind working in new and exciting ways. At Ginger Cove, there are plenty of opportunities to find something that you love, whether it’s a hobby that you’ve loved for a lifetime or something brand new!

Eat healthily

Wellness also comes from within, and the dining opportunities at Ginger Cove provide an unparalleled slate of delectable and exciting offerings. From casual snacks to fine dining with a local focus, Ginger Cove has everything you need to maintain your health and wellness.

Practice self-care

In maintaining your lifestyle while in assisted living, it’s the little details that can add up to great benefits. This can mean regular trips to Ginger Cove’s sauna and whirlpool, or visiting our on-site spa for salon services and therapeutic massage. You deserve to look and feel your best every day here at Ginger Cove.

Prioritize rest and relaxation

With all of the amenities and activities that Ginger Cove has to offer, it’s also important to listen to your body when it’s telling you to rest and recharge. With a variety of apartment layouts with warm and welcoming design and décor, you’ll never have to worry about housekeeping chores and instead can focus on healthy sleep and comforting hours of relaxation.

Keep socially engaged

Whether it’s keeping up with old friends, connecting with family members across the country, or making new friends, keeping socially engaged is one of the best ways to maintain your health and lifestyle in assisted living.  In our 30-acre waterfront campus, a whole community is just outside your door!

If you dream of a community that feels like home, but doesn’t come with the headache of home maintenance and care, then the assisted living apartments at Ginger Cove may be your dream come true. Call 410-266-7300 and book a tour with us today!

Learn more about Ginger Cove’s assisted living community, visit our website.


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