Retirement 101: What Makes the Ginger Cove Lifestyle Right for You?

Throughout your life, you’ve naturally surrounded yourself with people that share your approach to life. That should be no different in your retirement. Lifestyle should be one of the primary influencers when you start thinking about the perfect home and setting for your retirement. To better understand what you can expect at Ginger Cove, read through the following information outlining what has inspired and influenced our approach to empowering a fulfilling lifestyle.

A Sense Of Belonging and Connection

The right community should feel welcoming from the start, invested through the decision process, and committed once you become a part of it. That’s what you’ll find at Ginger Cove. Residents are excited to meet and connect with new neighbors, and new faces quickly become familiar as they pass in the hall or meet in the dining room. Your neighbors are excited to share who they are, and to learn more about you.

Encouragement To Explore

At Ginger Cove, there is always something to look forward to. That concept is so important when waking up every day with purpose and optimism. From enjoying a community-organized performance or meal to simply wanting to continue the fascinating conversation you started a new friend in the library yesterday, you can make new discoveries every day.

Options To Indulge

Retirement means enjoying the things you’ve spent a lifetime deciding you like. Ginger Cove offers those things when you want them. The picturesque setting on Gingerville Creek is a beautiful backdrop when enjoying fine dining, having a drink on the deck, or being outdoors walking, racing a remote-control sailboat, or gardening. Onsite amenities include a performance hall, art studio, library, pool, spa, workshop, and gym.  Off campus trips are regularly scheduled to enjoy the lively music, art and theatre scene in Annapolis, Washington, D.C. and Baltimore.

A Plan that gives you Peace of Mind

Once you’ve found that perfect home, you want to make sure you can enjoy it for as long as possible.  Ginger Cove provides care in a life plan community model, from occasional assistance in your apartment home, a memory care neighborhood, and a  top-rated skilled nursing facility. With everything right on campus, you and your family will have peace of mind that your needs as they might change over time will be met by Ginger Cove’s dedicated and highly trained staff, while you stay connected to your friends and neighbors.

The premier dining, the active itinerary and the resort-like setting are supported by a team of professionals that have been providing Ginger Cove’s 350 residents everything they need since 1988. Among those experts is Joan C. Williams, Director of Marketing for Ginger Cove. She says that a retirement community makes sense for people who are simply “looking for a better lifestyle.”

“Residents enjoy a very easy lifestyle,” Williams said. “There’s just a peace of mind in having a catered, comfortable lifestyle as we get older.”

We believe that joining a retirement community is an opportunity to have an even more fulfilling life, one in which you continue to travel, enjoy time with friends and family, and do all of the things that make you happy. Ginger Cove can be that place for you, like it is now for those who call it home.

If you are interested in Ginger Cove, click here to receive more information or schedule an in-person or virtual tour.


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