Life Care at Ginger Cove, Annapolis, Maryland continues to be a popular choice when planning for financial security

When preparing for retirement, many people are interested in creating a financial plan that will work over time. Life Care contracts are exactly that: a way of planning for your long-term care needs while eliminating concerns about financial security.

With a Life Care contract, your monthly costs remain the same if you end up needing a higher level of care like assisted living or memory care. Along with a one-time entrance fee, your monthly costs will cover a range of services and amenities such as:

  • Weekly housekeeping
  • Convenient, local shuttle services
  • Flexible dining plan with multiple dining settings
  • Creative art classes
  • Group and individual exercise classes
  • Aquatics center with lap pool, therapy pool and jacuzzi
  • Variety of entertainment, both on campus and throughout the community
  • General maintenance and repairs
  • Utilities
  • Cable television and Internet
  • 24/7 emergency response system
  • 24/7 surveillance and security
  • Parking
  • … and so much more.

In addition to these wonderful amenities, you will also have preferred access to quality, long-term care whenever you may need it. The security of the Life Care contract allows you to enjoy your retirement while also safeguarding against the rising costs of healthcare. You will also receive a tax benefit for prepaid medical costs! 

By choosing a Life Care contract, you will be saying “no” to the stresses of financial planning for long-term care and saying “yes” to enjoying your retirement more, knowing that your needs will be taken care of whenever you may need it. Your monthly costs will always remain stable and inclusive of every level of care and service, and long-term insurance can also be used to cover or supplement costs, depending on the plan. 

At Ginger Cove, your security for tomorrow provides peace of mind for today. Learn more about Ginger Cove and what it has to offer you by downloading The Right Decisions Start With the Right Information brochure.

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