Ginger Cove Senior Executive Chef Pierre Serves Up Memorable Dining Experiences

There are so many ways to enjoy food at Ginger Cove, from fine dining to casual gatherings and everything in between. The one constant behind it all is Senior Executive Chef Pierre, who oversees the multiple kitchens and delicious menus served throughout the community.

Chef Pierre arrived at Ginger Cove with more than 14 years of experience creating world-class food for communities. His experience shines through, as there’s a unique challenge that comes with serving a community like Ginger Cove versus working in a traditional restaurant or resort setting.

“It’s not just creating a great menu every day,” says Chef Pierre. “It’s creating a great menu for the residents who eat here every day, so it needs to be special.”

The entire kitchen and dining staff are involved in creating that special experience. The attention to the details and the care in preparation and service is evident at every level, making for a delicious, healthy selection of food that is both familiar and exciting.

Chef Pierre’s menus rotate every few weeks, so there’s always something new to explore or enjoy. It all starts with the residents. Kitchen staff regularly sit down with the resident-run Dining Services Committee to talk about current favorites and new items to bring to the table. This is added to written notes gathered at mealtimes and favorite recipes and ingredients residents share with the team. Many of the daily specials are sourced this way, giving residents a way to share a little about themselves with the community through their favorite dishes.

Once menus are set, Chef Pierre and the kitchen staff begin sourcing fresh, seasonal ingredients from the Annapolis area to create the made-to-order entrées and other selections. There’s even an on-site seasonal herb garden tended by kitchen staff. It all comes together in the daily menu items, as well as popular themed dinners and special occasions.

There are a lot of foodies among Ginger Cove residents, and Chef Pierre helps them hone their culinary skills with his monthly Teaching Kitchen sessions. Residents get to learn from a professional chef while exploring new flavors and cuisines, with the added benefit of input from a nutritionist to make meals healthy, too.

Dining with friends and family is always something to look forward to, and Chef Pierre and his team know how important those times are. He is often walking the floor of the dining room, talking to residents and their guests to learn how to make meals even better, and to share their enjoyment of a great meal in a beautiful setting.

Read more about dining here, or contact us today to set up some time to stop by, see the community, and get a taste of what life is like at Ginger Cove.


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