An Internationally Acclaimed Poet and Author Calls Ginger Cove Home

Meet Marty Knobloch.

She has written five collections of poetry. Her work has appeared in literary magazines and anthologies in the United States, Australia, India, Ireland, Italy and England. She’s won numerous awards for her writing – and she raised a family along the way. Marty Knobloch’s life story is truly a fascinating read.

Her first chapter: a childhood in a military family. Marty’s early days were spent on naval bases on both coasts of the US, as well as in Hawaii, Italy and many other stations. She attended high school at Punahou High, where Barack Obama is an alum, and afterward, she studied creative writing at the College of Notre Dame of Maryland. There, she honed her craft under the guidance of teacher and renowned poet Sister Maura Eichner.

In the late 50s, Marty married William W. Knobloch, and together, they had two sons. The family called Baltimore home. William passed away in 2000, after 41 years of marriage. Marty moved west, falling in love with the big bend of Texas, New Mexico — and Arizona, which became the writer’s new home.

Throughout her life, Marty has gained international acclaim for her work, which is published under her nom de plume, Marta Knobloch. She was the first international winner of Ferrara’s Premio Donna in 1995 for her bi-lingual collection of poetry, The Room of Months / La stanza dei mesi, Book Editore, Bologna, Italy. In 2003, she took on the role of Visiting Poet at the Fondazione II Fiore in Florence, Italy. Her bi-lingual play La Virago was read at a meeting of Il Circolo della Quercia, the oldest literary organization in Rome. She also worked as an editor in a number of poetry and art publications and has served on the board of 14 arts and community organizations.

So, why Ginger Cove? Why move from Arizona to our community, in the middle of a pandemic? “I moved here to be closer to my children, and my grandchildren,” says Marty. “I looked at many communities, but none were as ideal for me as Ginger Cove. I like it because it’s fairly small and has an incredibly beautiful setting. My favorite part is the grounds. The wooded shade garden is maintained by residents. It’s filled with daffodils right now, and the bluebells will start there soon. I’ve enjoyed being a part of the writers’ club here, too.” And of course, Marty has already had several works printed in our community literary magazine. The story continues.

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