Ginger Cove Resident Testimonials

"We chose to move to Ginger Cove because it made sense for us. We absolutely love the daily rhythm of life here. If anything, we wish we'd moved sooner."

Bill & Nancy

Interest: Volunteering, Fitness, Sewing & Needlework, Meeting with Friends

Previous Residence: Arnold, Maryland

Ginger Cove Resident Since: 2017

Advice to Prospective Residents:
“Whatever you do, don’t wait. Come early, so you can enjoy all the activities!”

"Living on the ground floor, my own private patio allows me to enjoy the outdoors whenever I like. I take my book and sit outside to read and I'm able to easily water my potted plants. Before I moved in, I was allowed to customize my apartment just as I wanted, installing wood floors, special granite, custom lighting, and wallpaper in the hall and study. It feels like home - it is home!"


Interest: Gardening, Singing, Trips, Reading, Fitness, Meeting with Friends

Previous Residence: Annapolis, Maryland

Ginger Cove Resident Since: 2017

Benefits of Living at Ginger Cove:
“I can close the door and read and listen to music and even cook when I want. The staff is always present and supportive so I know help is always a call away. The location is perfect. The drive down Riva Terrace is quiet and tree lined and you are out of the hustle and bustle of cars and traffic, but minutes away from access to town, shopping, movies and restaurants.”

“What made me passionate about the library at Ginger Cove is the importance of reading in my life and I wanted to share my enthusiasm with others. I always have loved reading and at one time taught disabled children to read, which was extremely rewarding.”


Interest: Library

Previous Residence: Library

Ginger Cove Resident Since: 2015

Advice to Prospective Residents:
“Come in with a positive attitude, don’t wait too long and come before you are ill and unable to participate in the incredible offerings here. There is absolutely something for every type of person.”

“I think it is difficult to discipline oneself to exercise alone, so being in a class makes it fun. Water aerobics is a godsend. We have an excellent teacher who varies our exercises but keeps us working on our strength, flexibility, balance, stamina, cardio conditioning and muscular endurance. I love knowing I am keeping fit while having a great time in the process.”


Interest: Water Aerobics

Previous Residence: Wynnewood, PA

Ginger Cove Resident Since: 2007

Reasons to Love Ginger Cove:
“I liked the floor plan of the apartment, its view of Gingerville Creek, the size of the community, the facilities, and the many amenities that are offered. In addition, my kayak is here and my small sailboat is 30 minutes away at our family cottage on West River.”

“Moving to Ginger Cove was a gift to our children and it was the best decision we ever made. We are much healthier, physically and mentally, due to a low-stress lifestyle and active social life. We immediately connected with our new neighbors.”

Jim & Erma

Interest: Fitness Center

Previous Residence: Davidsonville, MD

Ginger Cove Resident Since: 2005

Benefits of Living at Ginger Cove:
“When we moved in here, we said ‘Ok this is going to be for us. We’ll be able to finally concentrate on us. We don’t have to worry about the kids. We don’t have to worry about the house. We don’t have to worry about the yard. We can do everything we want for us.”

“I was active in the Charlottesville, VA art community. I volunteered for the Watercolor and Fine Arts Committee and had a successful exhibit there and then I took over the gallery. It was an activity I know how to do and the gallery has become so popular here, local artists are always asking to be shown here.”


Interest: Watercolor and Fine Arts Committee

Previous Residence: Charlottesville, VA

Ginger Cove Resident Since: 2008

Typical Day at Ginger Cove:
“Exercise class at 8:15, coffee in the soda shop, fine arts activities, lunch with friends, time to read, light supper and a movie or program in Friendship Hall, cocktails with friends and then dinner together.”

“The joy of seeing the garden reborn, the erosion curtailed, the beautiful daffodils and other plants thriving and coming back year after year and seeing the pleasure the residents receive from walking through the Woodland Garden make it a labor of love for me.”


Interest: Gardening

Previous Residence: Gardening

Ginger Cove Resident Since: 2006

Advice to Prospective Residents:
“If I could give someone who is considering moving to Ginger Cove advice it would be, don’t wait. Move in today. I never hear anyone say, “I came too young.” Instead, I hear, “I should have come sooner.” The residents of Ginger Cove are a welcoming group, and there are so many activities, interest groups, recreational facilities, that there is something to catch the interest of every resident.”

“Ginger Cove satisfies our commitment to wellness and preventive medicine, socialization, intellectual and physical activities. Other retirement communities didn’t meet with these standards. We’re looking forward to being a part of this stimulating environment!”

Lee & Katherine

Interest: Modern Technology

Previous Residence: Hanover, New Hampshire

Ginger Cove Resident Since: 2013

Benefits of Living at Ginger Cove:
“The availability of up-to-date technology helps us keep up with the media age and was one of the things that really attracted us to Ginger Cove.”

“The younger you are when you move in, the better able you are to pamper yourself and be able to participate in anything you want to do. We wanted to enjoy all of the activities - such as bridge, shuffleboard, bocce ball, billiards, and miniature golf - and be fit enough to do it.”

Richard & Bridget

Interest: Staying Active

Previous Residence: Annapolis, Maryland

Ginger Cove Resident Since: 2012

Reasons to Choose Ginger Cove:
“We chose to move to Ginger Cove because of its outstanding reputation in the community. We enjoy the beautiful campus, the food, activities, friendly people, and having our children and grandchildren nearby.”

“At first, it was a challenge to learn to hit the croquet ball properly. Then I realized it was an intellectual challenge. I now have good friends throughout the area who play and are able to play in tournaments.”


Interest: Croquet

Previous Residence: Harwood, Maryland

Ginger Cove Resident Since: 2007

Typical Day at Ginger Cove:
“Like most residents, my daily calendar is full. I walk or play croquet, shuffleboard, ping pong, interact with the staff on planning events, and meet with friends for dinner. Usually I do a couple of hours a week of volunteer work.”